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You are welcome to stop by and tour the distillery, try some of our crafted spirits, and learn more about the art of Whiskey and Rum tastings. See how things are made, and have a Dram.

Once you’ve experienced a creative cocktail from a modern mixologist, it’s hard to go back to your old-time classic. It’s the same feeling we get around distilling liquors.

Our spirits are crafted to achieve a flavor profile, not to fit in a category, like rum or brandy. Lorenz is most like a rum but it borrows the concept of a botanical basket commonly used in gin. Joséphine, born from a desire to distill sangria, merges flavors of Eau de Vie with rum's cane base of molasses.
The result is that neither can truly be categorized as rum or eau de vie on the liquor store shelf.

But let’s be honest, who likes to be labeled anyway?



Crafted Spirit

ScandaLust Cinnamon Whiskey

Wednesday Whiskey


5 Year Rye Whiskey

7 Year Rye Whiskey


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A true change-maker

René Rye-Magnac

Fine Aged French Armagnac meets Spicy American Rye Whiskey.
Two unique things coming together to form something better is not a new idea; sides of a coin, mind & body, black & white, and like the bottle in front of you – American Rye Whiskey & Fine XO French Armagnac.

Wildly independent.

Josephine Eau de Vie

Eau de Vie is a French spirit that literally means “water of life.” It’s typically a clear, un-aged fruit brandy with a light flavor. But Joséphine isn’t your typical Eau-De-Vie.  We use a number of fresh fruit purees and fine molasses as well as a short rest in toasted oak to create a spirit unlike anything else on the market. Like her namesake, Joséphine is an original. 

Explore new boundaries

Lorenz is Creatively crafted

Inspired by the Danish Arctic explorer, Lorenz Peter Freuchen, Lorenz is creatively crafted with table molasses and smoky piloncillo to deliver a unique taste for those who are looking for something new. Vapor infused with gourmet cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans, Lorenz has a flavor that makes it the most versatile spirit on any bar.

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