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Inspired by the Danish Arctic explorer, Lorenz Peter Freuchen, our cinnamon rum is creatively crafted to deliver a unique taste for those who are looking for something new. Vapor infused with organic cinnamon, vanilla bean and sweet table molasses embodies a flavor that quickly becomes a crowd favorite.

Lorenz Cinnamon Crafted Spirit

Lorenz is most often compared to a rum, because it’s cane based, but there is no rum like Lorenz. Most white rums are meant to be mixed, but lack the flavor profile of Lorenz. Lorenz is a sipping and a mixing spirit.

Nose and Aroma: Cinnamon Rolls, Vanilla Flan, French Toast, Apple Turnover.

Palate and Taste: Cinnamon Apple Pancakes, Vanilla Créme Brûlée, Smokey Caramel Piloncillo.

Body and Finish: Warm Cinnamon Apple French Vanilla Ice Cream, Toasted Coconut.



Add the following ingredients to a shaker with ice.
1oz Lorenz Crafted Spirit
2oz strained juiced watermelon
Strain into a glass with ice.
Splash of Club soda (optional)
Lime wedge to garnish.

The cinnamon notes pair especially well with watermelon.
This is an especially refreshing drink for a hot day.


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