Forget the Filter

ScandaLust Cinnamon Whiskey

Intended for mature audiences, this unsweetened, all-natural spirit exudes appeal. ScandaLust is an all natural, unsweetened cinnamon whiskey. Forget syrupy sweet, artificial ingredient filled flavored whiskey. This is made for mature taste buds. It's a cinnamon roll in a glass, and will forever ruin you toward all other flavored whiskeys.

Our Process Makes the Difference

When we set out to make a cinnamon whiskey, we had high standards for what it could be. Nothing artificial, no colorings, and not super sweet. As we developed the recipe, more and more people said they preferred the completely unsweetened version. So did we. Like everything we make, from the selection of the base spirit, to the cinnamon, to the label, every step of the development of this whiskey was deliberate and scrutinized. The result is a delicious cinnamon whiskey like nothing else on the market.

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