Our Vodka is gluten-free and additive-free with no sugar.

Inventory, availability, and locations vary.

Vodka - Winner of the gold medal in SFWSC

Clean, Crisp, & Sippable

Our Process Makes the Difference

Clear Water Distilling Vodka pays homage to the legendary people who inhabited the stark, cold northern reaches of Scandinavia. Made from top-quality New World grain and extensively filtered, this vodka is refreshing clean with a slightly sweet, velvety feel and crisp finish.

Nose: Light, Fresh, Clean

Palate: Velvety smooth, rich body with a delicate undertone of rock candy.

Finish: Crisp, satisfying with a hint of white pepper

Visit the distillery in Utah

Distillery Tours

You are welcome to stop by and tour the distillery, try some of our crafted spirits, and learn more about the art of Whiskey and Rum tastings. See how things are made, and have a Dram.