Wednesday Whiskey

Inventory, availability, and locations vary.

The Wednesday Whiskey is made from a select blend of the best whiskeys – that varies on a year to year basis. *Batch #2 set to be released this Fall 2024. 

Here is a whiskey you can savor every day.

Wednesday Whiskey

Make it through work today? You've earned a whiskey. Take out the trash? You deserve a whiskey. Why wait for a special occasion, when everyday is a triumph? Wednesday Whiskey is the perfect spirit for those days when you just need to celebrate the little things.

Nose: Toasted coconut and subtle campfire oak.

Palate: Dolce de Leche, soft vanilla with slight apricot notes.

Finish: Sweet cigar box and creme brulee

Setting: Wherever you are, there you'll be.

Visit the distillery in Utah

Distillery Tours

You are welcome to stop by and tour the distillery, try some of our crafted spirits, and learn more about the art of Whiskey and Rum tastings. See how things are made, and have a Dram.