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A distillery that colors outside the lines; our fearless innovation crafts incredible taste without being confined by standard categories.


Matt Eau Claire

Once you’ve experienced a creative cocktail from a modern mixologist, it’s hard to go back to your old-time classic. It’s the same feeling we get around distilling liquors.

Once the traditional rules have been broken in the distillation process, it’s not easy to forget the new flavor that’s been discovered. But that’s exactly what we do. We distill in a creative way that deviates from traditional standards. By doing so, we get rich flavorful spirits that can’t be labeled within a particular category.

But let’s be honest, who likes to be labeled anyway?

Have the chance to sample and see how things are made

We proudly stand apart.

With every bottle, we give back

Our vision is to give to organizations that honor a cause meaningful to the historical figures who’ve inspired our liquors.

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Explore new boundaries

Lorenz is Creatively crafted

Inspired by the Danish Arctic explorer, Lorenz Peter Freuchen, our rum is creatively crafted to deliver a unique taste for those who are looking for something new. Vapor infused with organic cinnamon, vanilla bean and sweet table molasses embodies a flavor that quickly becomes a crowd favorite.

Wildly independent

Josephine “Eau-De-Vie”

Eau-De-Vie is a French spirit that literally means “water of life.” It’s typically a clear, un-aged fruit brandy with a light flavor that is produced by fermentation and double distillation. But Josephine isn’t your typical Eau-De-Vie. We’ve put our own spin on it and crossed it with a rum.

A true change-maker

René Rye-Magnac

Fine Aged French Armagnac meets Spicy American Rye Whiskey.
Two unique things coming together to form something better is not a new idea; sides of a coin, mind & body, black & white, and like the bottle in front of you – American Rye & French Armagnac.

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