Clear Water Distilling Co Offers Ownership Opportunity

Ultra Premium Craft Distillery’s crowdfunding equity offering lets consumers ‘buy into’ their brand

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Clear Water Distilling Co. announces the launch of its new regulation crowdfunding program. Whether the market is high or low, savvy investors know spirits sell. For a minimum investment of just $250, investors receive equity shares in Clear Water Distilling Co. All money raised will be used primarily to increase awareness of Clear Water Distilling Co. and support its direct-to-consumer sales and e-commerce marketing efforts.

“We are so excited to expand our company and our investor family at the same time”

Clear Water’s ultra-premium spirits have already resonated with customers. Sales of the brand’s innovative spirits have increased more than threefold year over year since its launch in March 2020. Clear Water creates spirits for their flavors, not necessarily for a category like rum or vodka, and applies the best distilling practices to its creative process. Clear Water’s creative freedom results in a new palate for bartenders and mixologists — inspiring spirits that may have never previously existed and catching the eye of influencers such as the TikTok/YouTube group Johnny Drinks, fitness guru Bobby Maximus and even actor and singer Nicolas Hamilton.

The way in which Clear Water is crafting new flavors, gaining influencers, and selling direct to consumers sets a trend in the spirits world, encouraging people to connect with their spirits brand. “We are so excited to expand our company and our investor family at the same time,” said Founder and CEO Matt Eau Claire.

Meet Some of Clear Water’s Products


Think of how a botanical basket is generally used for vapor infusing gin. Clear Water has applied that process to Lorenz, which is mainly a cane-based spirit infused with cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans. The process of emulsifying those oils imparts a tremendously delicious flavor with no added sugars.


This is a category-bending new spirit. As it opens, its flavor profile changes, and, as it ages, even in the bottle, it changes character and deepens in complexity. Joséphine is made from fruits and molasses and rested, but not aged, with toasted oak. This gives it the profile of a lovely brandy but also with spice and smoky notes found in a fine Scotch. The profile is rounded out with earthy notes and a magnificent mouthfeel.

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About the Company

Clear Water Distilling Co. is a ‘defiantly different’ ultra-premium spirits brand, shunning the traditional path of a craft distillery. Rather than selling white spirits (i.e. rum, gin, vodka) while aging a whiskey, Clear Water took an unconventional route. Their first three spirits don’t even qualify to sit on established liquor category shelves and are instead crafted for flavor profiles and to give mixologists — amateur and professional — a new palate. Clear Water sells ultra-premium whiskeys. Self-proclaimed liquor snobs, their spirits have no additives or sugars, a welcome addition to the spirits market.

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